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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Apa Kaitan Saiful, Khairil Anas, Syed Rahman Dengan Kes Altantuya? ...plot cerita dah makin berbelit!

Sumber MalaysiaToday

Misteri pembunuhan Altantuya seakan semakin terungkai dengan pendedahan terbaru RPK yang menuntut penjelasan dan penyelesaiannya demi untuk memulihkan imej Malaysia yang semakin buruk di peringkat antarabangsa. Kes ini juga menuntut penjelasan dari Kerajaan 1Malaysia yang akan mencacatkan lagi imej Najib di peringkat antarabangsa. 

What is the relationship between Saiful and Khairil? Khairil says Saiful went to Najib's office to apply for a scholarship and he says they met only that once. Malaysia Today said that that was not true and that there is something more than that going on between Khairil and Saiful that has nothing to do with a scholarship.



Raja Petra Kamarudin

Now that the court has delivered its decision -- that Saiful Bukhari Azlan and Farah Azlina Latif would not be called to testify with regards to their sexual relationship -- allow me to come to the real issue.

Yes, the sexual escapade between Saiful and Farah is not what I was targeting at. That was actually the Red Herring to draw them out and make them run round in circles in panic. And, boy, did they panic. Putrajaya was so flustered that even an attack on Johor by the Singapore armed forces could not have outdone that.

But now everything has settled down again. Yesterday, everyone, in particular those in Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's office, have breathed a sigh of relief. With the court's ruling blocking Saiful and Farah from testifying with regards to their relationship they feel they are now well protected.

Well, if that was my main target then maybe so. It would mean they are quite secure. But that was not my main target. That was merely a distraction to get them to fluster for awhile and just when they thought it is now safe to go into the water, as they would say in 'Jaws', I spring them with what I was really aiming for.

Before that, do you remember Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi? He is the Mongolian Honorary Consul to Malaysia who escorted Altantuya's family whenever they were in Malaysia and who held a few press conferences condemning the Malaysian government with regards to how it was conducting the Altantuya murder investigation.

Syed Rahman was very vocal. He practically accused the Malaysian police of covering up crucial facts of the murder. He even threatened to take legal action against Malaysia.

Syed Rahman was on a crusade. He was angry and wanted to expose the real culprits behind Altantuya's murder. He met Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Anwar Ibrahim, and many other political leaders to complain about what was going on. He actually mentioned Najib by name and declared that he had in his possession the photograph of Najib, Razak Baginda and Altantuya, which he had handed over to the IGP.

Yes, there was much which Syed Rahman alleged. And in his crusade to bring the real murderers to book he met many people and told them this story over and over again.

I was there together with Datuk Kamal Amir, Aspan Alias and Jaddawi Datuk Ghazali (all Umno people) in the Bangsar Shopping Centre when Syed Rahman spent about an hour briefing us on the entire facts of the murder. In fact, there were about 15 of us there that day, all relishing the 'insider information' that this Honorary Consul was giving us.

Then, during the Permatang Pauh by-election in 2008, Syed Rahman did a u-turn. He went on primetime TV and declared that the allegation of Najib's involvement with Altantuya is a downright lie. And he denied he had told people so.

There are hundreds of people all over Malaysia who can testify to the fact that Syed Rahman did tell them that Najib was involved with Altantuya and that Syed Rahman admitted he had handed the photograph that proves this to the IGP. But all that is now water under the bridge and is old news. What we want to talk about today is the relationship between Najib's office and Saiful.

Do you remember the photograph below of Saiful and Khairil Annas bin Jusoh, Najib's aide, which Malaysia Today published in 2008, mere days after the Sodomy 2 allegation against Anwar Ibrahim surfaced?

What is the relationship between Saiful and Khairil? Khairil says Saiful went to Najib's office to apply for a scholarship and he says they met only that once. Malaysia Todaysaid that that was not true and that there is something more than that going on between Khairil and Saiful that has nothing to do with a scholarship.

Khairil is a graduate of the International Islamic University (UIA) and all his contemporaries in UIA know about his gay tendencies. A number of his university mates have confirmed this, as have his secondary school mates from Sekolah Alam Shah.

On 30 June 2010, Khairil got married to Syed Rahman's daughter, Syarifah Nabila Sara. Yes, that's right, our Mongolian Honorary Consul to Malaysia is now the father-in-law to Najib's aide, Khairil. However, barely a month later, Syarifah Nabila went home to her father. They are not quite divorced yet but divorce is certainly on the cards.

And why did Syarifah Nabila leave her matrimonial home to return to her parent's home in a huff? Simple. She is not happy that her husband is AC-DC, just like Saiful. For the benefit of the less savvy readers that means bi-sexual.

Yes, Khairil, just like Saiful, likes it both ways. And Syarifah Nabila is very upset that her husband is using their bed for trysts with boys. Having sex with boys is one thing. Bringing them home to your matrimonial bed is another -- Khairil's wife can't accept that.

So what do we have here? Najib's aide is married to the Mongolian Honorary Consul's daughter. The daughter wants an end to the marriage after merely a month because her husband likes boys and brings them home to their bed. The gay aide also has links with the gay man who has accused Anwar of sodomising him. And this same 'sodomy victim' also has a sexual relationship with the deputy public prosecutor in Anwar's trial.

Even Peyton Place is not as complicating as this. And do they not say that the truth is even stranger than fiction?

Let's see them wangle out of this one.

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